Monday, June 10, 2013

It's MY birthday, but YOU get the Gifts GIVEAWAY! Ends 06/18/2013 at midnight. 22 far... how unusual is it to have a birthday and wedding anniversary all on the same day?

Pretty unusual, I've found.  But yes, my birthday and wedding anniversary are on the same day, June 18th.  This was brought about by the ministers schedule and our scheduled honeymoon cruise.  Cruises, once booked, cannot be moved without an enormous fee.  Our minister was double-booked on the day we had originally wanted our wedding, so, we opted for the day before...a Friday and, as it turns out, also my birthday.

Most people laugh and joke about my hubby being in major trouble if he forgot my birthday.  :grin:  Yup.  He tried to the first anniversary. He had a business trip that was scheduled, just happened to be the week that my birthday (and now anniversary) fell.  He decided the best anniversary/birthday gift would be to take me with FLORIDA!   Fantastic trip, by the way.  He has not forgotten since.

So, with that said, I decided to celebrate our 9th Wedding Anniversary AND my 37th Birthday--by giving away prizes to celebrate.  It turned out to be an EVEN bigger giveaway than I thought.

HOW are the prizes given away?  Well, I decided to number the prize packs.  I will draw the same number of winners as prize packs.  Then, in the order they were drawn, the winners will get those items.  Pretty simple, eh?

So, without further ado (and now that you are bored to tears, hehe!), here are the photos of the prize packs:

PRIZE #1: e.l.f. Nail Polishes. 10 Piece Mini Set.

Very Awesome...a little of this, a little of that...even a bit of gold glitter.  YUM!

PRIZE #2: e.l.f. Eyeshadow collection. 32 different colors.

I saw this and said "Wow!  I bet someone would LOVE to have these.  Better grab them."

My deepest apologies for attempting to take a photo of myself...derp!

PRIZE #3: Sweet & Sassy Care package.  Lotion, Bodywash and Shampoo by April Bath & Shower, Hedgehog Nail brush and a Manicure/Pedicure Set in an A-dorable Pink Boot-shaped case.  So cute!

I saw this Boot-shaped Mani/Pedi set and HAD to grab it.  It made me SQUEE literally in store. I think someone *might* have noticed.  Oops.  I got odd stares for a bit.  LOL!

PRIZE #4: Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea body spray and lotion...nothing like layering a scent to keep it lasting all day...and this one smells SOOO good!  3 pack of mini nail files for on-the-go touch-ups and great for kids too, 3 Nicole by OPI polishes: A Phil's Paradise, It's Possible, and Iris My Case and a cute Hedgehog Nail brush.

Nicole by OPI's polish are known for being a mixture of sweet, sexy and quirky...and I know we have some women that can relate to that description.  XO

PRIZE #5: Sinful Colors polishes: Call You Later, Pinky Glitter and Green Ocean; mini bottles from Expressions Girl: yellow shimmer, green shimmer, purple glitter, silver glitter, pink glitter and blue glitter and a cute little Hedgehog Nail brush.

Sinful Colors is a staple in most everyone's nail wardrobe...I decided to give someone a chance to try some that might have been harder to get...

PRIZE #6: Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail polishes in: Slick Slate, Lickety-Split Lime and Brisk Blue; Bath & Body Works lotion in Enchanted Orchid, Ocean Breeze scented Hand Sanitizer and a cute little Hedgehog Nail brush.

It's no secret that I LOVE Sally Hansen's Insta Dri polishes...and I wanted to share the love.

PRIZE #7: In Btween Glitter Lip Gloss and Nail Polish set AND Purple/Pink Mani/Pedi set.

Who doesn 't love these travel Mani/Pedi sets? This set would be awesome for kids too, if you have them. The Pink Shimmer polish in this set is lovely.  I only opened it to see if the polish was intact/tightened for travel.  :grin:   I have NO idea what scent/flavor the lip gloss is.  :cue Mystery music:

PRIZE #8: Sally Hansen Gem Crush mini set.  4 Glitter polishes.  Colors: Big Money, Be-Jeweled, Bling-tastic, Lady Luck.

A TON of bang for your buck, these minis are easy to use and apply. It's no secret that I love glitter polishes...this is an extra that I picked up.  You are quite welcome.  xo

PRIZE #9: Custom 4" x 6" Watercolor Nail Polish art by Ms. Angie of My So Called Chaos.  You choose the bottle style and color or let her choose.  The photo below is an example of what bottles she can do.

I have one of these!  In fact, I think the Butter London one in the sample photos is the one I have. She does A-mazing work.  If you haven't checked out her store, you have to.

PRIZE #10: ellagee "It's a Gas, Gas, Gas" nail polish

I am SOOO stoked to have the wicked awesome ellagee polish donate a polish for this giveaway!  This color is awesome.  It's a Raspberry-Fuchsia Ultra-Fine Holographic polish.  Umm...makes me want to enter my own giveaway. :grin:  As you can see from the led light photo, it has an awesome rainbow going on.

PRIZE #11: One Literary Lacquers polish from her shop. OMG.

Ok, I love holographic polishes, y'all already know that.  Amy's holographics are incredible.  But WOW! Just look at this  new set that she just put out! Green Gables! Ok, don't get don't win the WHOLE set.  LOL!  Actually, you could pick one of her new ones or one you have been wanting For-ever.  Either way, there is NO DOUBT that you will be getting an AWESOME polish.  XO

This looks amazing.  I have tried product from Aloette and I had NO reaction...which is unusual for me, since I tend to break out from EVERYTHING.  LOL!  If you want to read more this particular product, I have put the link above.

PRIZE #13: Because she loves me, Erin has also decided to giveaway a SeaCret Nail Care Collection.
OMG. I want one!!  You guys are so lucky!

PRIZE #14: Ruby White Tips has graciously donated 2 polishes for the giveaway.  Those polishes are: Time of our Lives and One Too Many. I am REALLY jealous.  :D

Here is Time of our Lives (grapefruit scented):

Here is One Too Many (Monkey Farts scented)--Fresh banana blended with sweet grapefruit, mandarin orange, kiwi, coconut cream, pink raspberries, strawberries and apples):

PRIZE #15: Cosmos Lacquer is donating one polish of YOUR choice from her shop.

Ok, she's a new polish  maker to the scene.  Hi Tia!  :waves:  I have tried 95% of her polishes and they are AWESOME.  My favorite is Pluto...but I am of the opinion so far that they are all of excellent quality.  Depends on what you like. She has a variety of polish types to tickle your the Star Wars collection she just put out.  Cute names like R2 Beep-Boop, C3P-Oh No!, and others.

This is Still A Planet - Pluto.  I want more like this...but featuring other planets.  Let's convince her, eh?  LOL!  Love it!

PRIZE # 16: Tia, you rock.  Someone ELSE will get FREE SHIPPING from Cosmos Lacquer!

Hey, who doesn't LOVE free shipping?  For your first order, she will give you free shipping! This is the first time she has offered free shipping and I am not sure how often that this will be available. Make sure you splurge for me.  I'm on a no-buy right now.  :grin:  Living vicariously through my followers, it's what I do!  Hehe.  Here is one you could pick:

But why be partial, I'd get all of them!  ROFL!  XO

PRIZE # 17:  Breanne, of Good Which of the Midwest has donated these two polishes: Up Colors Flocado Beijo na Boca and Christian Dior Apparat.

These colors are YUMMY!  Breanne, you ROCK!

PRIZE # 18: Ashley and Shea are awesome!  They have donated Jamberry Nails!  Winner will get two sheets!  WOW!  SET A.   Each sheet has a retail price of $15, making this Prize worth $30!  HUGE!


PRIZE #19: Ashley and Shea are awesome!  They have donated Jamberry Nails!  Winner will get two sheets!  WOW!    SET B.   Each sheet has a retail price of $15, making this Prize worth $30!  HUGE!


PRIZE #20: Ashley and Shea are awesome!  They have donated Jamberry Nails!  Winner will get two sheets!  WOW!    SET C.   Each sheet has a retail price of $15, making this Prize worth $30!  HUGE!


PRIZE #21: Corinna, the owner at Inner Glow Creations is giving away a necklace.

She is getting rave reviews on her items.  This one is going to be NO exception.  It is GORGEOUS!

PRIZE #22: The fabulous Esther at Philly Loves Lacquer has surprised us with a terrific donation of 2 of her polishes from her line!  Holy cow am I jealous!!  She has donated a bottle each of South Street and Boathouse Row.  Man are you guys lucky!!


I AM SOOOO IMPRESSED with the awesome people that have donated for this giveaway!  If you would like to join in and donate, please PM me on Facebook.  I will accept additions until Tuesday night at 7pm.

Here is the Mobile-Friendly link in case you cannot enter the "other" way.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nails Love Polish: It's MY Birthday! But YOU get the gifts! Coming soon!

Ok, so I have been brewing this giveaway for a while now.  I am getting the final photos today of the different prize packs. (This weekend was nutso, so I didn't get it done as fast as I wanted to, sorry!) I don't know yet HOW many prizes *I* personally will be giving away, but I have *at least* 4 other bloggers/polish makers/branded products given away by different sponsors!  YAY!

Stay tuned!